What’s this all about?

I (Anna Crawford) am a Masters of Science student at Carleton University where I started my program in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies in September 2011 under the supervision of Derek Mueller. Since then I have had the incredible opportunity to visit both the Eastern and Western Canadian Arctic regions to research ice islands (large, tabular icebergs originating from ice shelves and glacial tongues).

Observations of these rare and unusually large icebergs have increased in Canadian waters over the last decade. They are potential hazards to navigation and industrial equipment and will likely become more frequently seen in the Arctic due to climate change. My personal work investigates the role of surface melt (ablation) on overall ice island decay, while my colleagues study other aspects of ice island deterioration and drift.

Please feel free to follow where these research opportunities put me next! So far they have brought me through the Northwest Passage aboard the CCGS Amundsen with a group of researchers from ArcticNet, sponsored as well from the Canadian Ice Service. The month of April also saw me in the Western Canadian Arctic doing a joint sea ice/ice island project in conjunction with researchers from the University of Manitoba.

Updates will follow soon regarding another exciting expedition planned for late July 2012!


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