“How was your trip?!” -“Scenic…”

Well, time that I checked back in here. I hope that no one was holding their breath for an update from that last trip, because it honestly took me a while to get to writing this conclusion post due the campaign being fairly disappointing data collection wise. The sting has worn off though, and even if you’re allotted ice time is cut to 1/5th of the original… at least you got that 1/5th?! We spent it slipping and sliding  over 2 km of rolling ice ridges and small melt rivers with 9 m of thickness measuring equipment strung out behind us. That 2 km of data will allow me to decipher thickness changes which have occurred since we originally did the walk in May. We also got to measure surface melt at a number of pre-installed stakes and collect two temperature sensors, these all being tasks which we rarely are able to do since we barely ever make back to the same piece of ice twice (let alone 4x now to this specific piece of ice).

And, it is always incredibly beautiful…

We had to leave a piece of malfunctioned equipment out on the ice island – so expect more next spring when I try to get back to troubleshoot!

Be well!