Here they are! A few pictures to go along with the un-illustrated paragraphs I’ve subjected to you.So the trip is all wrapped up and we’re on our way home. Four more days of travel – but I’m getting to know Inuvik really well. I found the ski trails this afternoon while out for a run – with permission I did a few loops. I was so impressed! Terrain, lights, perfect white snow still. This is going to be the new destination for spring skiing.

Enjoy the few pictures! This was a great trip, and successful too, even with all the logistical obstacles. Somehow everything always works out. Have a great spring everyone and there will be more blogging action come July!

Ice rocks!

Our transports

“Snoopy” Our Electromagnetic Interference / ice thickness instrument

Ice ridges

For those of you ever questioning – 2″ metal augers, ocean water plus -25C air temperatures doesn’t equal easy drilling

Perfect angel snow

Snow angel of the Arctic

Digging…    I had the theme song to the movie ‘Holes’ in my head all week

(If you enjoyed the book and movie like we did growing up)

Enjoying the gorgeous sun

Installing Dave’s weather station

Oscar the muskox

…and friends

Little red museum on the desert tundra

Check my ride home!


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