Thunder Bay isn’t too isolated and Ottawa isn’t too small, I promise.

Made it!

Five days after leaving Ottawa we finally landed in Sachs Harbour, just on the SW tip of Banks Island. I’m here for the next nine days with a group of guys from the University of Manitoba to do a joint sea ice/ice island project. We were delayed in Inuvik, on the Northwest Territories mainland, because there has been a bit of a fuel emergency here at Sachs.  And of course there are lots of bureaucratic hoops to jump through too. No one wants to give up their ration. And no more fuel comes in until as late as August. And a helicopter goes through a barrel of oil and hour. Anyways, always an adventure…! I guess the big polar bear survey last week ate into the fuel we had already purchased.

Which brings me to polar bears. They are big and white. And have started to bread with Grizzlies. Our hostel is called the Polar Grizz. The owner shot this:

And this is the view from my window.

Don’t worry ma and pa. I’m going to convince one of the town guard dogs to come along and be my alarm.

Anyways, we haven’t done any field work yet. We did spend the day getting everything all rigged up and whizzing away. Our front yard looked like some kind of crazy scientist’s layer.

The best thing was what I found in the front yard during the monster set up.The Easter Bunny had to come early to Sachs Harbour to make sure it could make the whole trip back to the southern lats before Sunday.

Hunting and fishing is a mainstay in this little community of about 75 people. Apparently someone even tried to start a musk ox ‘farm’ here at one point. I’ll take a picture later, but was quite an endeavour! There are hides all around town, and pictures of the great cuddly giants on every wall.

I think places like this are great, and you have to be one tough crew to get through these winters. I may have to chuckle inside next time someone tells me Ottawa is too small for them.

Well, winter is definitely still here. And the internet is still slow. Therefore pictures aren’t making it up tonight. Hopefully will have a more cooperative connection tomorrow. We did make it out today, so there is more to tell.

There’s a pesky fuel issue though. We’re stuck in the middle of lots of confusion, so there may not be many work days left. Then there will be time for lots of pictures!

Stay warm!



One thought on “Thunder Bay isn’t too isolated and Ottawa isn’t too small, I promise.

  1. Anna, Keep warm and keep those Polar Bears and Muskox much more than an arms length
    Away ! ha, Ha, I am a friend of your Mom’s . She is my Husbands Hospice Nurse . I can see where you get your since of humor and outlook on life . What a wonderful adventure for someone so young . ps your Mom has been a blessing for us and we like to call her Dixie Doodle . Karen Sheridan

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